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Community Guidelines


The purpose of the FSS Link discussion board is to create a community where FSS Link Members can both share and access ideas for how to improve and develop their FSS programs. It is a place to exchange new resources, tools, and articles relevant to FSS or financial coaching. It is also an appropriate space to ask for feedback, input, or guidance from peers on FSS program best practice, including asset building and financial coaching. 

In order to meet the goals of this community, we ask FSS Link Members to follow the community guidelines outlined below, as well as our Terms of Use.



1.  Communicate with respect and courtesy.

Please treat others online as you would treat them in person – and in a way that you would like to be treated. Sexist, racist, misogynist, homophobic, and offensive generalizations about groups of people are not allowed. Posting with profanity, insults, or inflammatory remarks toward other community members is also strictly prohibited. 

2.  Don’t make personal attacks.

Personal attacks, harassment, and the use of false statements against others will not be tolerated. We also understand that disagreements are inevitable. When opinions don’t align, please disagree respectfully. It is okay to critique ideas, but please don’t criticize people.

3.  Make relevant, on-topic contributions.

Publish posts that align with the purpose of this discussion board. The focus areas of FSS Link include asset building and financial coaching to support FSS programs as well as general FSS program management. 

4.  Add value and share original ideas.

We expect members to add value to conversations. Before starting a new discussion, explore previous posts to see if this topic is already being discussed. To keep threads tidy, consider a “like” instead of a comment if you are simply interested in showing support for a post. Finally, if you didn’t write a post or have not given credit to the original author, please do not share it as if it were yours.

5.  Avoid solicitations and self-promotion.

Please do not use this forum to solicit or self-promote your personal website, blog, paid product, or work. Research or reports that can benefit the community are permitted.

6.  Speak up.

Compass will monitor this discussion board for posts that violate these community guidelines and we ask our Members to do the same. Please flag posts that don’t align with our community guidelines or contact Compass directly. If you have questions or ideas on how this discussion board could be more effective, email us at [email protected]



Compass will take action when we see an FSS Link Member violating these community guidelines. In some cases, this may be a warning. Other times it may mean revoking discussion board privileges or a Member’s FSS Link account entirely. We request that all Members play a role in flagging posts that violate these community guidelines. You can also report behavior directly to Compass at [email protected]

Terms of Use:

By using Compass FSS Link and participating in the discussion board, you are considered to have accepted the FSS Link Terms of Use.